5 of the World’s best curling teams

5 of the World’s best curling teams

Curling teams are now easier to find

Curling is a sport that had a rather limited following in the past yet has been changed somewhat by its inclusion in the Winter Olympic and Paralympic games. As a consequence of increased attention due to being an Olympic sport there has certainly been more attention paid by the media to this traditional winter sport. For instance the BBC will broadcast curling championships and not just the winter Olympic and Paralympic games. It is most often broadcast in Canada, the country with the most players and the most successful teams.


In recent years then people have certainly gained a greater interest in curling outside of the areas of Northern Europe where is was traditionally played the most, and where it was therefore the most popular as well. Curling was first developed in Scotland during the 15th and 16th centuries although a precise date is not known. The earliest curling stone that has been found so far had the date 1511 carved into. Curling spread from Scotland to what is now Belgium and the Netherlands. Due to being a sport predominantly played on ice it could be played in the parts of Europe with the coldest winters, certainly before ice rinks were developed. That factor tended to limit the number of people that go play curling, and how often they could play it for.

Curling has become a sport played in many countries, like Canada, New Zealand, and the US. In countries where it became played the sport was usually exported there by the Scots.

The World’s best curling teams

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Curling is unusual in that the only time you have teams with official team names is during world championships and the Olympics or Paralympics. In many competitions, whether at club level or international level the favorite teams to win are often from Canada.

Here are the 5 national teams that usually among the strongest contenders:

* Canada – the Canadians seem to be devoted to curling than any other country, perhaps the only sports that are more popular are football, ice hockey and soccer. Canadians usually are strong contenders for winning events at both club and international level, and they have some of the best training and playing facilities in the world. Always watch out for the men and women curling teams from Canada.

* Great Britain / Scotland – as the Scots invented curling and then exported it to as many countries as they possibly could do it is not a surprise that British and Scots teams are always going to be in the running.

* The US – although the Americans got into curling after the Canadians did, whenever they take a sport seriously the Americans are determined to become really good at it. The US are improving at curling without a doubt.

* Japan – any Japanese team can always be counted to put up a respectable showing in curling competitions.

* New Zealand – just like the Japanese when the New Zealanders enter a competition they mean business.

Curling – a bright future?

It would seem that curling would have a bright future, especially as the media and TV coverage that it receives continues to increase. The greater the coverage it receives the more people want to start playing it.

Training Tips for Curlers

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Training Tips for Curlers

Curlers need to learn techniques

Curling looks to be an easy sport to play yet new players are better off learning to use the techniques required to become really good players. Training is important for those players that are aiming to play to the highest possible standards. Curling is a sport that needs its new players to learn playing techniques, and to pick up tips as to the best way to carry out training to get even better at the game.

People that do not practice, or do not do training on a regular basis will find it much harder to improve as curlers compared to those players that do train, and that do practice at their game. The curlers that belong to a curling club are the ones most likely to make progress , providing of course they are willing to put the effort into being coached, having practice matches, or attending training sessions.

Basic training for new curlers

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Perhaps the first, and possibly the most important training tip for new curlers is to join a curling club if they have not already done so. Without being a member of a curling club new players will find it harder to get all of the practice and training sessions under their belts that they need to be better curlers. Curling clubs will have their pwn coaches, whose job it is to improve the skills and the abilities of existing as well as new curlers at their club.

Club trainers will train all of the players, and some clubs will have different coaches for differing teams such as the men, the women, the boys, or the girls.

Sometimes people will hire a curling coach for extra one on one coaching. If you are not making as much progress as you would like as a curler then find out if there are any curling coaches for hire in your area. So a training tip is to hire curling coaching, and the coach will provide you with as much training as you need to become a better player.

New players would be well advised to ask the more experienced players for help and tips during practice sessions and training sessions as well. Some experienced players will naturally take on the roles of mentors readily enough without being asked to do so by the coaches, or by the curlers. Rookies should ask the more established curlers for help during training sessions.

Practice as often as possible, after learning all of the techniques, as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Practicing techniques until they become second nature is a great training tip for any sport, and not just curling.

One last training tip for want to be curlers


Perhaps the best training tip is to make sure that you still enjoy curling. If the training sessions and the practice matches are more of a drag than something you enjoy then consider giving it up. If you enjoy all the effort you are putting and your game is improving then keep going, you will be a better curler for doing so.